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How to refuel at EBZW?

There has been a fuel station at our airport since February 27, 2024, which has an impact on the way it can be used. Below are the options and you will gain insight into how the system works. Any questions can be emailed to Have a nice flight!

  • Passers-by and private aircraft at EBZW: you can refuel directly with your payment card. You insert the payment card into the terminal and follow the steps on the screen. After refueling, you can print a ticket at the terminal (and possibly use it for your accounting). NO invoices will be sent.

  • Jet fuel for passersby: you park the plane at the pump. Then you go to the clubhouse and you can register for JETA1. You are required to have a VAT number for this, otherwise you will not receive JETA1. You must also leave the billing address. After registering, you will receive a fuel card with which you can refuel.


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