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Welkom op de website van Royal Aeroclub Limburgse Vleugels

Around New Year's 1955 a petition is submitted to the council of aldermen of the municipality of Genk to obtain an airport in Genk. There were 5 possible locations on the table: north and south of the Zonhoverweg, the Klotbroek (Wetsandkuil), south of the Hengelhoefstraat and north of the marshalling yard in Zwartberg.  The latter location was preferred because of the favorable soil conditions.  The college was agreed in principle (January 7, 1955) and Zwartberg was chosen as the site.

That is how it all started for Genk - Zwartberg airport.  More history can be found here .

Meanwhile, the airport of Genk - Zwartberg has been a fact for more than 60 years and we currently have a fleet of 8 motor aircraft and 8 gliders with which training is also given.

The main objective of Royal Aeroclub Limburgse Vleugels (RALV) is to promote aviation in the broadest sense of the word.  This ranges from model flying, gliding, parachutism to motor flying.

The management board consists of 11 board members and is chaired by our chairman, Mr. De Paepe Frank.

We hope you are as excited as we are, so we kindly invite you to explore our website.

The club is approved by the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority under reference BE.ATO.305.

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