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13/08 Paradrop ON the airfield


Dear pilots,

paracentrum Vlaanderen will perform a paradrop activity ON our airfield. Therefore a NOTAM is issued and published via Skeyes. You can find all dates below:

• 13/08 0700-SS UTC

• 07/10 0700-SS UTC

• Every friday from 12/05 – 29/09 from 1430 – SS UTC

Paracentrum Vlaanderen will ask the board of the Aeroclub for permission on every single date. When permission is granted, you’ll be notified via the safety board on our website Safety is very important so we’re working hard to occupy the tower.


  • The pilot of the Cessna Caravan will make the following radiocall via Genk Radio to the tower: “2 minutes before drop”.

  • The orange light on top of the building of Paracentrum Vlaanderen will be turned on.

  • Our tower officer will make sure that:

  • There’s no traffic inside the traffic pattern of Genk-Zwartberg. When you are flying inside the traffic pattern, the tower officer will ask you to leave it in a safe and swift way.

  • No engines are running on the ground. When on the ground, taxi back to the parking and shut down your engine. You’ll need a startup approval from our tower officer.

  • Traffic on short final can make a full stop landing and vacate the aircraft in a safe and swift way.

  • When all parachutists are landed and vacated the airside, the orange light will be turned off. Radiocall: “all canopies down”

  • The tower officer will now help you to rejoin the circuit.

Every pilot is and stays responsible for his or her flight. This procedure is discussed and approved by the board of the Aeroclub and Paracentrum Vlaanderen.

Thank you for your coöperation!


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