Piper 25 Pawnee

The OO-LVI is our towing airplane.  This airplane is deployed to tow our gliders.  Our Pawnee was an agricultural aircraft, produced by Piper Aircraft between 1959 and 1981.  In the Pawnee's previous life, he was used in agricultural spraying. Before using it as a towing airplane, it was completely adapted for towing gliders and his spraying installation has been removed.  In may 2017 the Pawnee got a completely new engine. It has been fitted with a 235 HP Lycoming egine. 

Some of it's specifications:

Cruisespeed    ~ 105 kts

Max Altitude    ~ 13.000 ft

Max  Weight    ~ 2900 lbs

Empty Weight ~ 1450 lbs

not for renting

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